2014 goals – January edition

Continue to work on mindfulness and emotional/mental health – Continue therapy and read one book relating to this 
Journal 3x/week
Complete all stages of New Rules of Lifting for Women – Finish Stage 1
Run 2 half marathons (and PR in one) + Complete Boston Marathon in under 4 hours – Long runs with running group starting 1/12. Work on changing diet to benefit run training
Volunteer with Horizons for Homeless Children – placement begins this month
Pay off car loan – pay regular amount
Pay off credit card debt – apply bonuses to 1 or more credit cards, zero out a credit card and stop using it 
Read 65 books – Read 5.5 books
Work on curbing soda consumption – Cut back to 3/week
Save $5000 – save $400
Start Masters Program – send in application and transcripts
Get a raise – Schedule a time to talk to my boss
Go to yoga 2x/month – Start going to Friday community class with friend
Continue to use YNAB – enter all spending, work on figuring out where we can cut back using tools
Stop biting nails – Figure out root of habit and change the cycle


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