Whole30 Prep

I’m going to begin the Whole30 on Monday, January 6. I’m using this weekend to prepare. So far today, I have emptied the pantry and fridge then organized them. I’m keeping some non Whole30 compliant food on the top 2 pantry shelves since it won’t go bad and we’re keeping the majority of our condiments. I have a bag of food to donate, all the “bad” food on the table to try and eat up this weekend and now I need to shop. (Oh and we were out of town before this so it was already sparse anyway)


Top shelves – popcorn, rice, oatmeal, oats, peanut butter, honey, lemonade mix, powergels, soups, beans etc …


Whole30 compliant shelf – almonds, tuna, unsweetened cocoa powder, olive oil and coconut oil

(sidenote: these pictures make me really want to paint the inside of my pantry)


Fridge – I plan on finishing up the dip, sauce, yogurt, soda and gatorade this weekend.



Snacks to finish up this weekend.

I’ve also started meal planning. David says he’ll join me which helps. We’re going to get groceries on Saturday night and do food prepping Sunday. So far, I have the following planned:


Tuna – with apple, celery, whole30 mayo, avocado, maybe scallions – wrapped in lettuce





I think these will get us through Friday morning and then I’ll do a shop for the weekend. Now to make a shopping list!

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