Whole30 Day 12

Slept in until 7:15.

Breakfast at 7:30 with coffee: egg muffins, banana and some tomatoesIMG_20140117_080852_143Went for a 6 mile run with a friend at 9:30ish. We did a nice hilly route averaged around 10:20 min/mile. My legs felt heavy for most of the run. Then I went to the bank to fix my debit card before going to Trader Joes. I should’ve taken a picture of my grocery haul, there was lots of stuff! I ate an apple and some dried mango on the way home; not a great recovery snack I know.

Had to rush around by the time I got home, so I showered and then had lunch in the car on the way to my hair appointment.

Lunch 12:30pm: chicken and a big sweet potato

IMG_20140117_122903_145Then I got my haircut, went to REI and got some Peter Rabbit Organics for my 12 mile run on Sunday. Came home and cleaned up my mess of a kitchen and then David and I went out to dinner with his family. I didn’t take a picture but I had sirloin and a double serving of broccoli and David had salmon and a double serving of broccoli. We also had some salt and vinegar chicken wings as an appetizer. I wasn’t tempted by the bread at all. I actually had two temptations yesterday where I would usually give in but didn’t: when I dropped my dog off at my parents, I did have any hot tamales, I usually have at least one handful and then I wasn’t tempted by bread at dinner! Woohoo.


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