Whole30 Days 27-30

Today is Day 31, so I’m done! Had another awesome long run during the last 4 days, where I ran 15.64 miles at 9:15 pace and felt great.

Today we had a snow day so went a bit off the grid with eating – tried a new dunkin donut for breakfast (it was eh) and had chocolate pb ice cream after lunch (stomach not loving it). Mostly though, we plan to stay Whole30ish at home and only go off plan when we go out to eat and for special occasions.

All in all, I lost about 10lbs weighing in at 135.6 today and dh lost 10-11lbs too. I want to lose 6-10lbs more before the marathon if possible but I’m happy with the progress and my running so far.

I was also thrilled with how my sleep improved during Whole30 and that is enough for me to continue eating this way as much as possible. From here on out, I’ll continue to blog but it will be a mix of Boston training, whole30, eating etc …

A few pictures, 1. a worksheet from Whole30 Daily about the experience and then before and after pictures.

Whole30 Daily worksheet

Whole30 Daily worksheet

Before pictures


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