Whole30 Days 13 and 14

Apparently I didn’t post yesterday, I uploaded pics to do so but forgot, I guess.

So yesterday – woke up at 6am and was ready to go.

Breakfast – 7:45am – I had a sweet potato that isn’t pictured, steak and eggs


Got some stuff done and then ran errands with David. After our errands, we went to the gym for a quick workout. I did 31 min – 5 walk, 21 run, 5 walk for 2.62 miles.

Lunch – tuna mixed with avocado and green beans, grapefruit – around 12:30

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I spent all afternoon decluttering and organizing the house with David.

Dinner was around 6 – kielbasa, peppers, onions and green beans

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to be around 9pm and fell asleep by 930pm. I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm today at 530am. I’ve been sleeping so much better. I guess I can attribute that to Whole30.

Had some coffee, egg muffins, 1/2 an avocado and some applesauce at 6am

IMG_20140119_060348_760I met a friend at her house and then drove to meet our running group. I drank 1/3 coconut water, 2/3 water on the drive in. I ate a clementine and banana when we got there at 7:45am and then packed a Peter Rabbits Organics, dried mango and dates for run fuel. We had 12 miles scheduled. It had started snowing, so it was a bit slippery. I started out with my friend and ran nice and easy. We hooked up with another girl at a water stop around mile 4 and then I ran a bit ahead after that because I was feeling awesome. There were 2 water stops, I had 1/2 the fruit squeezy Peter Rabbit thingy and a piece of dried mango at each. I didn’t eat the dates. 2 cups of water at each station. I avoided the candy and gatorade easily.

IMG_20140119_061932_815I got back a bit before my friend and had my post-run leftover kielbasa, and green beans with a sweet potato, along with the dates and clementine. I mentioned the twizzlers looking good to me to her and she told me I deserved one after 12 miles but I wasn’t even that tempted because I feel so good and don’t want to slip up.

IMG_20140119_101229_677(I promise there is kielbasa on the bottom of that).

Ran a few errands and then came home and ate again around 12pm. I browned some ground beef, scrambled in2 eggs and then some sweet potato with a little s&p. It was delish.

IMG_20140119_115702_593(even Dash wanted some!)

Now my chicken is in the crockpot for the week. Watched our football team lose and ate chicken drumsticks that David grilled.

IMG_20140119_151418_958I have also snacked on some pistachios and dried fruit watching the games. I’m feeling really good 2 weeks in. My awesome run made me feel really good about my fuel.


Marathon Training + Whole30

David and I start the Whole30 tomorrow. We went to Trader Joes yesterday and the local grocery store today. I spent about $150 total but a lot of that was spices.

Today, I’ve made turkey loaf, egg muffins and whole chicken in the crockpot. I still have Chili, sweet potatoes and mayo to make. Tomorrow, I’m planning on egg muffins + avocado for breakfast, tuna w/ mayo, apples, celery wrapped in lettuce for lunch with a sweet potato and turkey loaf for dinner with vegetables.

Whole30 Daily tell us to make goals for our 30 days – my three are

1. I will not use electronic devices 30 minutes before bed (and I will not check my phone when I wake up in the middle of the night)

2. I will complete Stage 1 of NROLW

3. I will spend more time with my husband

I did my first long-ish run for marathon training today – only 6 miles but more than I’ve done in awhile and it felt good. I have a bad cough and sore neck but neither bothered me while running.

Tomorrow, we start with before pictures and we’re off!

2014 goals – January edition

Continue to work on mindfulness and emotional/mental health – Continue therapy and read one book relating to this 
Journal 3x/week
Complete all stages of New Rules of Lifting for Women – Finish Stage 1
Run 2 half marathons (and PR in one) + Complete Boston Marathon in under 4 hours – Long runs with running group starting 1/12. Work on changing diet to benefit run training
Volunteer with Horizons for Homeless Children – placement begins this month
Pay off car loan – pay regular amount
Pay off credit card debt – apply bonuses to 1 or more credit cards, zero out a credit card and stop using it 
Read 65 books – Read 5.5 books
Work on curbing soda consumption – Cut back to 3/week
Save $5000 – save $400
Start Masters Program – send in application and transcripts
Get a raise – Schedule a time to talk to my boss
Go to yoga 2x/month – Start going to Friday community class with friend
Continue to use YNAB – enter all spending, work on figuring out where we can cut back using tools
Stop biting nails – Figure out root of habit and change the cycle