Whole30 Days 16 and 17

Lets start with sleep – it’s fabulous. I don’t even wake up in the middle of the night to pee these days. It’s like I’m a new person when it comes to sleep and I love it.

Day 16 – I had jury duty. I got up and had chili (no pictures again, sorry) and packed some food for the day – almonds, dried mango, dried peach, chicken, sweet potato and tomatoes. I had the fruit and almonds while boredd and waiting. Then we got released around 12:30, so I waited to eat lunch until I got home. I had the chicken, sweet potato and tomatoes. Then I went to the gym and ran 7 miles. I had a good progression run.

For dinner we had ground turkey, eggs and sweet potato. I also had green beans on the side.

Day 17 – Snow day! I had leftover turkey, eggs and sweet potato for breakfast.

IMG_20140122_081253_189We were stuck at home pretty much all day. I napped because I was bored. Then had chicken and tomatoes for lunch. Went to the gym with David, tried to run but my calf was bothering me and I didn’t want to risk it, so I walked while he ran. We had salmon and green beans for dinner. Slept great again last night and I’ve taken pictures of my food so far today, so I’m back on track.