Whole30 Days 21 and 22

Day 21 – Sunday, run day!

I was up at 5:30. I had a breakfast of 2 eggs scrambled in coconut oil, 1/2 a sweet potato and some applesauce. Plus 2 cups of coffee.

14 miles on tap. Had 1/2 a banana and coconut water. We couldn’t find parking easily, so we were running late and missed some instructions. Which became quite important later.

Headed out into the 16F, feels like 0F weather with crazy wind gusts. First 7 miles are awesome, find some people to run with + my usual running buddy. Shin pain at the beginning and then it faded. Got to mile 7, stopped to read directions. Should be a water stop – we don’t see it. We turn left. 1.25 miles later, we realize we went the wrong way. Stop, find a way back. This will add mileage. Plus we need water. So stopped at a Dunkin Donuts, got water and carried on. After 15.43 miles total, we were done. Cold, windy and lost. But it was a character building run. Averaged 10:22 pace. This weeks 15 should be easy!

After the run, waited for my friend to finish and ate chicken + sweet potato. Headed home and had chicken soup, pistachios and carrots for lunch. Then we went over to my parents and hung out. I wanted a nap! Then had dinner at David’s parents. Pork roast and sweet potato + butternut squash with nutmeg and cinnamon – it was delicious!

Day 22 – Monday. Slept well again. I love that my sleep is so improved!

Breakfast at 8 – two eggs scrambled in coconut oil, 2 clementines, almonds + 3 dried peach slices

Lunch at 12 – chicken, green beans, tomatoes and baby carrots

Snacked on baby carrots all afternoon and finished the bag, oops.

Home at 6 and hopped on the bike for an easy 30 minute spin.

Dinner was chocolate chili, an apple and then some mango.

Today is Day 23 and we have one week left and are feeling good.