Whole30 Day 3

I’m writing this on Day 4, so let me think back to yesterday … Tuesday night I did not sleep well. The cough medicine did not make me cough less and I was up every 2 hours coughing. I went to bed around 8 and woke up around 5:30. I was not tired despite the interrupted sleep.

Breakfast (8:00am)- same old: 2 egg muffins, 2 clementines and salsa.

IMG_20140108_074739_113I had a few almonds around 11:15 and then lunch at 11:45 – chili, sweet potato and tomatoes + carrots. I didn’t eat the avocado because I was too full.

IMG_20140108_115211_990After work, I headed out to meet David at the gym. On my way I had some almonds and dried mango. No picture. At the gym, I walked 5 min, ran 40 min, walked 5 min on the treadmill. I did 10x 1min hard, 1 min easy in the middle of the running to mix things up. Running fast on the treadmill is always so hard for me. My neck loosened up with the running which was helpful. 4.8 miles total.

I’ve figured out that the neck pain is probably from the drivers seat in my car which sucks because I can’t really change that easily.

Dinner was at 7:20pm ish – I had leftover turkey loaf, green beans and a piece of dried mango.

IMG_20140108_193221_630So far, so good. I feel great, I’m not tired and not too moody except for a 15 minute bout of irritability around 7:45 last night. Now if this cough would just go away so I could get a good nights sleep.