Whole30 Day 4

So I slept absolutely horribly last night. My cough had me up hourly and I could not get comfortable. I ended up sleeping on the couch around 1am so that David could get some sleep. I also broke my no electronics in the middle of the night rule too because I was wide awake and didn’t have anything to do. Anyway, I was up for the day ay 6am and after coffee, I felt fine.

Breakfast at 8am: surprise! egg muffins, salsa, avocado and 2 clementines

IMG_20140109_075013_035Then I read my Whole30 daily email and it asked me to make a list of five distraction techniques to use the next time your craving hits. So let’s see

  1. drink water
  2. take a walk
  3. listen to a song
  4. eat some protein + fat
  5. stretch

Lunch at 12pm: chicken, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and a sweet potato

IMG_20140109_114937_405I had some almonds and dried mango with coffee in the afternoon. I’m dealing with a bit of constipation, so I tried a second coffee for the day to see if it would help. It did but not much.


Headed to the gym after work for a short recovery run (like 1.48 miles short) and then home. David made dinner tonight.

IMG_20140109_191231_924Now I’m relaxing and watching some figure skating! Hoping for a better night of sleep, again 🙂