Whole30 Day One

Today is Day One of my Whole30. I had an awful night of sleep last night. I went to bed around 8:30, was up at 9:30, 9:58 when I took a shower to try and get some mucus from my cough out and relieve my neck pain, again around 11 when I moved from my bed to the couch for better neck support, 12:30 when David checked on me, 3 when I went back into the bed, 5ish and for good around 6:10. It sucked. My neck hurts and then as soon as I’d break through the pain and almost be asleep, I started coughing again. I’ve done neck exercises already today and switched out my chair at work. I’m also going to do some rolling of the muscle with a tennis ball tonight.

On to the food. I packed breakfast, lunch and a pre-workout meal fo

r work today.

At 8am, I ate breakfast – two egg muffins, some mild salsa, half an avocado and 2 clementines. The egg muffins were awesome – mine had spinach, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and chicken sausage.



After breakfast, I read my daily email and one of the items to do is –  think of three meals you could make in 15 minutes or less, with ingredients you’ll always have on hand. Then, write them down.

Mine are:

tuna with celery and apples over lettuce with almonds on the side

scrambled eggs with veggies and chicken sausage

ground meat with spices and veggies cooked in coconut oil

Lunch was tuna with homemade mayo, apples and celery with romaine and cherry tomatoes on the

side. I also had two dates (not in picture).

lunch1I got home from work at 6 and David had dinner ready. We had turkey loaf and broccoli. It was really good. The turkey loaf was very dense and yum. I had some dried mango and almonds also. 


Then tried to work out some knots in my neck before bed. Skipped the gym last night because of my neck.    

Marathon Training + Whole30

David and I start the Whole30 tomorrow. We went to Trader Joes yesterday and the local grocery store today. I spent about $150 total but a lot of that was spices.

Today, I’ve made turkey loaf, egg muffins and whole chicken in the crockpot. I still have Chili, sweet potatoes and mayo to make. Tomorrow, I’m planning on egg muffins + avocado for breakfast, tuna w/ mayo, apples, celery wrapped in lettuce for lunch with a sweet potato and turkey loaf for dinner with vegetables.

Whole30 Daily tell us to make goals for our 30 days – my three are

1. I will not use electronic devices 30 minutes before bed (and I will not check my phone when I wake up in the middle of the night)

2. I will complete Stage 1 of NROLW

3. I will spend more time with my husband

I did my first long-ish run for marathon training today – only 6 miles but more than I’ve done in awhile and it felt good. I have a bad cough and sore neck but neither bothered me while running.

Tomorrow, we start with before pictures and we’re off!

Whole30 Prep

I’m going to begin the Whole30 on Monday, January 6. I’m using this weekend to prepare. So far today, I have emptied the pantry and fridge then organized them. I’m keeping some non Whole30 compliant food on the top 2 pantry shelves since it won’t go bad and we’re keeping the majority of our condiments. I have a bag of food to donate, all the “bad” food on the table to try and eat up this weekend and now I need to shop. (Oh and we were out of town before this so it was already sparse anyway)


Top shelves – popcorn, rice, oatmeal, oats, peanut butter, honey, lemonade mix, powergels, soups, beans etc …


Whole30 compliant shelf – almonds, tuna, unsweetened cocoa powder, olive oil and coconut oil

(sidenote: these pictures make me really want to paint the inside of my pantry)


Fridge – I plan on finishing up the dip, sauce, yogurt, soda and gatorade this weekend.



Snacks to finish up this weekend.

I’ve also started meal planning. David says he’ll join me which helps. We’re going to get groceries on Saturday night and do food prepping Sunday. So far, I have the following planned:


Tuna – with apple, celery, whole30 mayo, avocado, maybe scallions – wrapped in lettuce





I think these will get us through Friday morning and then I’ll do a shop for the weekend. Now to make a shopping list!