Whole30 Day 5

Day 5. I slept poorly again last night. Sucks. Doesn’t have anything to do with Whole30, I do not believe. Just a lingering cough and tight trapezius.

Oh and yesterday’s constipation has been resolved, yes!

Slept until 9am and then had breakfast on the go since I had an appointment at 10.

Just looked at my pictures of today’s food and they all suck. So I’m not going to post them. Breakfast was 2 egg muffins, a banana and some almonds.

Came home from my appointment and went to the gym with David. I had a bad run, felt nauseous, hot and tired. I’m not sure if this is Whole30 or sleep deprivation related. Anyway walked more than ran for 2.35 miles in 30 minutes.

We came home and had lunch – tuna with homemade mayo and celery, a grapefruit and cherry tomatoes. Then did some errands and grocery shopped. Spent about $90 at Trader Joes and $40 at Stop and Shop including some toiletries and cleaning stuff. So not bad

We came home and I took a nap. Finally got some pain and cough free sleep. Although I did wake up coughing blah. David made dinner – grilled steak and garlic green beans. I had two clementines, a few slices of dried pineapple and some pistachios after. I guess I was hungry.

My neck is feeling good, so I’m a bit more optimistic for better sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

Whole30 Day 4

So I slept absolutely horribly last night. My cough had me up hourly and I could not get comfortable. I ended up sleeping on the couch around 1am so that David could get some sleep. I also broke my no electronics in the middle of the night rule too because I was wide awake and didn’t have anything to do. Anyway, I was up for the day ay 6am and after coffee, I felt fine.

Breakfast at 8am: surprise! egg muffins, salsa, avocado and 2 clementines

IMG_20140109_075013_035Then I read my Whole30 daily email and it asked me to make a list of five distraction techniques to use the next time your craving hits. So let’s see

  1. drink water
  2. take a walk
  3. listen to a song
  4. eat some protein + fat
  5. stretch

Lunch at 12pm: chicken, carrots, tomatoes, green beans and a sweet potato

IMG_20140109_114937_405I had some almonds and dried mango with coffee in the afternoon. I’m dealing with a bit of constipation, so I tried a second coffee for the day to see if it would help. It did but not much.


Headed to the gym after work for a short recovery run (like 1.48 miles short) and then home. David made dinner tonight.

IMG_20140109_191231_924Now I’m relaxing and watching some figure skating! Hoping for a better night of sleep, again 🙂

Whole30 Day 3

I’m writing this on Day 4, so let me think back to yesterday … Tuesday night I did not sleep well. The cough medicine did not make me cough less and I was up every 2 hours coughing. I went to bed around 8 and woke up around 5:30. I was not tired despite the interrupted sleep.

Breakfast (8:00am)- same old: 2 egg muffins, 2 clementines and salsa.

IMG_20140108_074739_113I had a few almonds around 11:15 and then lunch at 11:45 – chili, sweet potato and tomatoes + carrots. I didn’t eat the avocado because I was too full.

IMG_20140108_115211_990After work, I headed out to meet David at the gym. On my way I had some almonds and dried mango. No picture. At the gym, I walked 5 min, ran 40 min, walked 5 min on the treadmill. I did 10x 1min hard, 1 min easy in the middle of the running to mix things up. Running fast on the treadmill is always so hard for me. My neck loosened up with the running which was helpful. 4.8 miles total.

I’ve figured out that the neck pain is probably from the drivers seat in my car which sucks because I can’t really change that easily.

Dinner was at 7:20pm ish – I had leftover turkey loaf, green beans and a piece of dried mango.

IMG_20140108_193221_630So far, so good. I feel great, I’m not tired and not too moody except for a 15 minute bout of irritability around 7:45 last night. Now if this cough would just go away so I could get a good nights sleep.

Whole30 Day Two

First I’m reminding myself of my goals for these 30 days:

1. I will not use electronic devices 30 minutes before bed (and I will not check my phone when I wake up in the middle of the night)

2. I will complete Stage 1 of NROLW

3. I will spend more time with my husband

I succeeded in number 1 last night which also gave me a bit more time for number 3 too. Sweet.

I got in bed early last night because of my lack of sleep the previous nights, I read and relaxed until 8pm when David came in. Then I had to take a sleep aid because my neck was aching too much to get sleep. I tossed and turned for a bit. I know I got two solid chunks of sleep, 10-2 and 230-530. I was up around 5:45 and felt good. I had time to get ready for the day, organize my meals, finish yesterday’s blog and spend some time with the dog.

I got to work around 8am and ate breakfast: 2 egg muffins, 2 clementines, 1/4 avocado, some almonds and dried mango


It’s 9am as I write the first part of this entry and besides my awful neck pain, congestion and cough, I feel good hah. I’m sucking it up and going to the doctor today because I’ve been coughing for 1.5 weeks.

Lunch at 11:45 – green beans, cherry tomatoes and chicken. All very good.


I went to the doctor and she said it was just a lingering cough and gave me some cough meds with codeine for nighttime, which is when it’s the worst. Then I met David at the gym. I walked 5 minutes, ran 10 minutes at 5.5mph, 10 at 5.7mph, 5 min walk cooldown. Nice, easy recovery run.

Dinner at 6:21 – sweet potato, chili and almonds. A very brown dinner haha.


I haven’t had the expected hangover type feeling that I read about in the Whole30 Daily. I feel pretty good. Now if only my neck and cough would join the party!