Whole30 Days 27-30

Today is Day 31, so I’m done! Had another awesome long run during the last 4 days, where I ran 15.64 miles at 9:15 pace and felt great.

Today we had a snow day so went a bit off the grid with eating – tried a new dunkin donut for breakfast (it was eh) and had chocolate pb ice cream after lunch (stomach not loving it). Mostly though, we plan to stay Whole30ish at home and only go off plan when we go out to eat and for special occasions.

All in all, I lost about 10lbs weighing in at 135.6 today and dh lost 10-11lbs too. I want to lose 6-10lbs more before the marathon if possible but I’m happy with the progress and my running so far.

I was also thrilled with how my sleep improved during Whole30 and that is enough for me to continue eating this way as much as possible. From here on out, I’ll continue to blog but it will be a mix of Boston training, whole30, eating etc …

A few pictures, 1. a worksheet from Whole30 Daily about the experience and then before and after pictures.

Whole30 Daily worksheet

Whole30 Daily worksheet

Before pictures


Whole30 Day 7 + First Long Run of Marathon Training

It’s the end of week 1! Woohoo!!

So last night I stayed up way too late watching the Patriots win! and the US Figure Skating Nationals even though I knew I had to be up at 6am to prepare for today’s long run. So I got 6 hours of sleep. But they were 6 solid hours. Best I’ve had all week. And I’m going to bed at like 8pm tonight to make up for it.

Anyway … I got up at 6am and got ready, drank my coffee and headed out at 6:30 to meet a friend at their house. I ate an egg muffin before I left and then a sweet potato and some dates on the drive over. I also had the clementine right before running. As well as 1 part coconut water to 3 parts water before.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a huge group of runners today. It was the first long run of Boston training for the club I just joined. We ran 10 miles, nice and easy. I ran with my friend and while it was in the 40s, it was windy! We did make a wrong turn once but that was it. There were 2 water stations set up on the training run with water, gatorade, candy and gels. I only had water and I brought 2 pieces of dried mango and 3 dates with me too that I grazed on throughout the 10 miles.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI normally would just need water for a 10 miler if I’d been training consistently but I’m just now building up mileage again, so I brought them in case and I was grateful. My legs were a little heavy and sluggish but I expected that from what I read on the Whole30 forums. Overall, I felt pretty decent.

We got back to the clubhouse and they had a breakfast spread out – all of which I could not eat. Oh well, I had a sweet potato and a piece of chicken with me to eat and then I grabbed tea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI came home and took a short nap before doing some cleaning. Then I made chili, chicken & vegetable soup and egg muffins for the week. Now it’s up to David to do the dishes and put them away. I had some chicken and green beans around 3pm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then dinner around 6pm – chocolate chili – a little too liquidy this week since I used the crockpot. But still good.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHad a handful of pistachios after dinner and now just relaxing. We have chicken, chicken & vegetable soup, chili, egg muffins and coleslaw prepared for the week. Feeling pretty good. I do need to do some reflecting on my three goals from the start in tomorrow’s blog.


Whole30 Day 5

Day 5. I slept poorly again last night. Sucks. Doesn’t have anything to do with Whole30, I do not believe. Just a lingering cough and tight trapezius.

Oh and yesterday’s constipation has been resolved, yes!

Slept until 9am and then had breakfast on the go since I had an appointment at 10.

Just looked at my pictures of today’s food and they all suck. So I’m not going to post them. Breakfast was 2 egg muffins, a banana and some almonds.

Came home from my appointment and went to the gym with David. I had a bad run, felt nauseous, hot and tired. I’m not sure if this is Whole30 or sleep deprivation related. Anyway walked more than ran for 2.35 miles in 30 minutes.

We came home and had lunch – tuna with homemade mayo and celery, a grapefruit and cherry tomatoes. Then did some errands and grocery shopped. Spent about $90 at Trader Joes and $40 at Stop and Shop including some toiletries and cleaning stuff. So not bad

We came home and I took a nap. Finally got some pain and cough free sleep. Although I did wake up coughing blah. David made dinner – grilled steak and garlic green beans. I had two clementines, a few slices of dried pineapple and some pistachios after. I guess I was hungry.

My neck is feeling good, so I’m a bit more optimistic for better sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

Whole30 Prep

I’m going to begin the Whole30 on Monday, January 6. I’m using this weekend to prepare. So far today, I have emptied the pantry and fridge then organized them. I’m keeping some non Whole30 compliant food on the top 2 pantry shelves since it won’t go bad and we’re keeping the majority of our condiments. I have a bag of food to donate, all the “bad” food on the table to try and eat up this weekend and now I need to shop. (Oh and we were out of town before this so it was already sparse anyway)


Top shelves – popcorn, rice, oatmeal, oats, peanut butter, honey, lemonade mix, powergels, soups, beans etc …


Whole30 compliant shelf – almonds, tuna, unsweetened cocoa powder, olive oil and coconut oil

(sidenote: these pictures make me really want to paint the inside of my pantry)


Fridge – I plan on finishing up the dip, sauce, yogurt, soda and gatorade this weekend.



Snacks to finish up this weekend.

I’ve also started meal planning. David says he’ll join me which helps. We’re going to get groceries on Saturday night and do food prepping Sunday. So far, I have the following planned:


Tuna – with apple, celery, whole30 mayo, avocado, maybe scallions – wrapped in lettuce





I think these will get us through Friday morning and then I’ll do a shop for the weekend. Now to make a shopping list!