Whole30 Days 18, 19 and 20

I’ve had a busy few days and haven’t had much blogging time.

Thursday was just a typical work day – no workout. Breakfast was chili + grapefruit, lunch was chicken soup + green beans and I can’t remember what dinner was – salmon and broccoli maybe?

Friday was an emotionally hard day. I had my every other week therapy session and it was more mentally and emotionally exhausting than usual. I had chicken and grapefruit for breakfast. Chicken and tomatoes for lunch. We were needing to grocery shop. Honestly, I was such an emotional wreck, I wanted to binge eat. Which would have made me feel better for an instant and then would have made me feel so much worse. I’m so glad I didn’t give into the urge. I did have a few too many pieces of dried peach after I went grocery shopping but that was it. I skipped the gym and napped in the afternoon. I needed it more. We had pork chops, unsweetened applesauce and green beans for dinner.

20140124_183946I stayed up a bit late because of my late nap but I still got a solid 8+ hours of sleep.

Today I woke up feeling a bit hungover but better. I had a sweet potato and apple and then went to the gym with David. I ran 4 miles. Came home and had scrambled eggs in coconut oil and a grapefruit. Then the dog and I went over to my parents so she could play with other dogs. I had chicken soup and baby carrots, along with pistachios for lunch when I got home. We had a lazy afternoon and I took another short nap. Dinner was 2 hamburgers, a sweet potato and broccoli. Now I need to prep for tomorrow’s cold 14 mile run!